ENC Standards Maintenance Working Group (ENCWG)

Genoa, Italy (20 -22 March 2017)

Last update: June 27, 2017

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ENCWG2-1A   List of Documents
ENCWG2-1B 10 Feb 17 List of Members and Participants
ENCWG2-2 10 Feb 17 Draft Agenda
ENCWG2-3A 10 Feb 17 Minutes ENCWG1 Meeting
ENCWG2-3B 10 Feb 17 Action from ENCWG1
ENCWG2-4A 10 Feb 17 HSSC Actions for the ENCWG and S-100WG

5. ENCWG Documents and Work Activities

ENCWG02 05.1A updated
7 Apr 17
S-52 Edition 4.0.2 (rev 1 with updated comemnts from the ENCWG2 meeting)
ENCWG02 05.1B 24 Feb 17 S-52 PresLib Ed 4.0.2 Part I Clean and Redline (zip)
ENCWG02 05.1C 3 Mar 17 MAGVAR Linetype - Appropriate Symbol
ENCWG02 05.2A 24 Feb 17 S-57 - IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data
New Edition 4.1.0 of the UOC
ENCWG02 05.2B 24 Feb 17 UOC Edition 4.1.0 Redline Copy
ENCWG02 05.2C 24 Feb 17 UOC Edition 4.1.0 Clean Copy
ENCWG02 05.3   S-58 - Recommended ENC Validation Checks (see CL21/2017)
ENCWG02 05.4 24 Feb 17 S-62 - List of Data Producer Codes (see also paper S-100WG2-5.8)
ENCWG02 05.5   S-63 - IHO Data Protection Scheme
ENCWG02 05.6A updated
7 Apr 17
S-64 Edition 3.0.2 (rev 1 - with updated comments from the ENCWG2 meeting).
and Link to S-64 Github Repository
ENCWG02 05.6B 1 Mar 17 Issues in screen samples of S-64 ed 3.0.1 - Centred symbols visible or not
ENCWG02 05.6C 1 Mar 17 IHO Check Dataset Issues
ENCWG02 05.7 24 Feb 17 S-65 - ENCs: Production, Maintenance and Distribution Guidance. (See CL16/2017).
ENCWG02 05.8A 24 Feb 17 Status of S-66 (rev 1)
ENCWG02 05.8B 1 Mar 17 Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements
ENCWG02 05.8C 1 Mar 17 Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements - Task Group Redline.
ENCWG02 05.9 24 Feb 17 Updates to the IHO webpage ENCs, ECDIS and S-100

6. ENCWG Proposals

ENCWG2-6.1A 2 Nov 16 Presentation of Light description string
ENCWG2-6.1B 6-Mar 17 Comment on ENCWG2-6.1 Presentation of light description string
ENCWG2-6.1C 13 Mar 17 Navtor response to Presentation of light description string
ENCWG2-6.2 1 March 17 Development of an Additional Bathymetry Layer standard based on S-57/S-52[See HSSC action HSSC8/27]
ENCWG2-6.3   Equivalent T&Ps for ENCs [Action HSSC8/28] (See HSSC8 Paper HSSC8-05.3D)  T&P Notices for ENCs
ENCWG2-6.3B   T&P - Notices for ENCs UKHO
ENCWG2-6.4 10 Feb 17 ENC Update Limitations (paper also submitted as S-100WG2-11.6)
ENCWG2-6.5 24 Feb 17 ECDIS Annual Performance Tests
ENCWG2-6.6 10 Mar 2017 See Paper HSSC8-05.3C Rev1
ENCWG2-6.6A 24 Feb 17 Presentation of High Resolution Bathymetry in S-57 ENCs
ENCWG2-6.6B 10 Mar 17 SHOM Proposal on High Resolution Bathymetry
ENCWG2-6.6B   AHS Perspective on bENC
ENCWG2-6.7   CATZOC Proposal

7.  General Topics

ENCWG2-7.1A   Input into the next IHO Strategic Plan
ENCWG2-7.2A   HSSC Work Programme
ENCWG2-7.3A 13-3-2017 Outcomes from NCSR
ENCWG2-7.4A 24 Feb 17 Port State Control Feedback on ECDIS (rev 1)
ENCWG2-7.4B 24 Feb 17 AUS Port State Control Issues regarding ECDIS & ENC (AMSA - AHS)
ENCWG2-7.4C 24 Feb 17 AUS Examples of ECDIS-ENC Unofficial Data Warnings
ENCWG2-7.4D 24 Feb 17 NZ Response to CL67-16 Deficiencies related to the carriage of ECDIS (.xlsx)
S-100WG2-11.7 23-Feb 17 Improvement of ENCs display on ECDIS (Paper disussed at the S-100WG Meeting)

8. Any Other Business


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