IHO Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures Working Group (MSDIWG)

9th MSDIWG Meeting

Niteroi, Brazil, 30 January - 1 February 2018

MSDI Open Forum, Niteroi, Brazil, 29 January 2018 (Program)

OGC Marine Domain Working Group Meeting, Niteroi, Brazil, 2 February 2018 (Registration)


Last update: 07 mars 2018

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes of MSDIWG9] [List of Actions] [Photographs: Open Forum - MSDIWG9 - OGC Marine DWG]
[Invitation Letter] [Logistical Information] [IHO Online Registration] [Template for submission of papers]
MSDIWG9-01a List of Documents (this document)
MSDIWG9-01b List of Participants (Chair)
MSDIWG9-01c List of MSDIWG Members and Expert Contributors (Chair)
MSDIWG9-01d Terms of Reference (Chair)
MSDIWG9-02 Agenda and Timetable (Chair)
MSDIWG9-03 Work Plan 2018-2020 (Chair)
MSDIWG9-04 Action Items from MSDIWG8 (Chair)
MSDIWG9-05A Report from the IHO Secretary (IHO Sec.)
MSDIWG9-05B Croatia comments on licensing (IHO Sec.)
MSDIWG9-05C MSDIWG report to IRCC9 (Chair)
MSDIWG9-05D IRCC9 Report, Actions, Decisions (Chair)
MSDIWG9-05E HSSC9 Report, Action, Decisions (Chair)
MSDIWG9-05F MSDIWG submission to A-1 (Chair)
MSDIWG9-05G Decisions of A-1 (IHO Secretariat)
MSDIWG9-05H MSDIWG submission to C-1 (Chair)
MSDIWG9-05I Decisions and actions of C-1 (IHO Sec.)
MSDIWG9-06A National Report - Denmark (Denmark)
MSDIWG9-07A1 Arctic SDI (1) (Chair)
MSDIWG9-07A2 Arctic SDI (2) (Chair)
MSDIWG9-07C Baltic MSP data expert group
MSDIWG9-07D OGC Marine Domain Working Group Presentation
MSDIWG9-07E IHO Crowd-sourced Bathymetry WG (Chair)
MSDIWG9-07F1 Marine Cadaster in Europe (1) (Chair)
MSDIWG9-07F2 Marine Cadaster in Europe (2) (Chair)
MSDIWG9-07I International Cable Protection Committee (Chair)
MSDIWG9-08.3C1 Arctic SDI Governance
MSDIWG9-08.3C2 Danish MSDI Governance
MSDIWG9-08.4A S-100 Interoperability Specifications
MSDIWG9-08.4B S-98 Specification for Data Product Interoperability in S-100 Navigation Systems
MSDIWG9-08.4C Input to Guidance on Conduction of an Impact Study
MSDIWG9-08.7 Draft Ed. 2.0.0 IHO Publication C-17
MSDIWG9-11a Draft List of Actions from MSDIWG9
MSDIWG9-11b Updated work plan 2018-2020 (during the meeting)
MSDIWG9-12 Draft MSDIWG9 Report (during the meeting)