Joint Meeting of the S-100 Working Group (S-100WG) and
ENC Standards Maintenance Working Group (ENCWG)

Tokyo, Japan (14-18 March 2016)

Last update: April 26, 2016

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Logistics Information - including;
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Annex B - Access Map

    Meeting Programme
S-100WG1-1A   List of Documents
S-100WG1-1B 14 Jan List of Members and Participants
S-100WG1-2A 26 Jan Agenda (rev 7)
S-100WG1-3A 14 Jan Minutes of the TSMAD29/DIPWG7 Meetings.
S-100WG1-3B 1 Mar S-100WG Actions and Action Items from TSMAD/DIPWG7 Meetings.
S-100WG1-4A 1 March HSSC Actions for the S-100 WG (rev 1)
S-100WG1-5.3A 8 March DQWG Report
S-100WG1-6.1A 4 March IALA Report on Activities
S-100WG1-6.2A 28 Feb ISO/TC 211 Reoprt on Activities
S-100WG1-6.2B 3 March Compatibility_with_ISO_Activity
S-100WG1-6.4 16 March S100WG.01-Tokyo - Update on Development of S-412_Weather Overlay and
S-100WG1-6.5A 11 Feb Data integrity and the relationship of S-63 ed2.0 to S-100/S-101
S-100WG1-6.9A 7 March Outcome of the IMO/NCSR 3 Meeting
S-100WG1-7.1A   S-102 Draft Edition 2.0.0  /  Minutes from the S-102 PT meeting (3 Feb 15)
S-100WG1-7.1B   Norweigian S-102 Testbed
S-100WG1-7.2 and 7.3 17 Feb Establishment of the Under Keel Clearance Maintenance and Maritime Limits and Boundaries Project Teams
S-100WG1-8.0 16 Feb UML Models  - PDF Versions of the Models
S-100WG1-8.1A 26 Jan S-100 Proposal Voting Summary (S-100WG Letter 5/2005)
  Change Proposals
S-100WG1-8.2 11 Feb 2 Proposal Part4A Add Tiff as a support file format 22062015
S-100WG1-8.3 11 Feb 3 Part 4A Invalid Reference
S-100WG1-8.4 11 Feb 4 SVG profile proposal and 4_Part 9C S-100 SVG Profile
S-100WG1-8.5 11 Feb 5 Clarification on Namespaces in product specifications
S-100WG1-8.6 11 Feb 6 Part 10c HDF5 Encoding  and 6_Proposal_Part10C_HDF5
S-100WG1-8.7 11 Feb 7 Cover page copyright notice
S-100WG1-8.8 11 Feb 8 Part 10A 8211 SEGH
S-100WG1-8.9 11 Feb 9 Part 5 Dataset Attributes
S-100WG1-8.10 11 Feb 10 Part 9 Portrayal Editorial Issues - Part 9 Portrayal_2.1.0_redline
S-100WG1-8.11 11 Feb 11 Part4A Metadata Exchange Set
S-100WG1-8.11A 28 Jan Comments on Redline for Part 4A Metadata
S-100WG1-8.12 11 Feb 12 Part 5 FC Information Binding proposal
S-100WG1-8.13 11 Feb 13 Part 10b Associations proposal
S-100WG1-8.14 11 Feb 14 Protryal Register Model
S-100WG1-8.15 11 Feb 15 Symbol Drawing Instuctions (rev 1)
S-100WG1-8.15A 11 Feb Proposed Change to Support Portrayal of Soundings (rev 1)
S-100WG1-8.16 11 Feb 16 PDF as Support file format and 16_PDF as a support file format information
S-100WG1-8.17 11 Feb 17_FC Supertypes - proposal
S-100WG1-8.17A 11 Feb Inheritance in Feature Catalogues
S-100WG1-8.18A 1 March 18A_Part 8 ISO alignment - changeProposal
S-100WG1-8.18B 1 March 18B_CHS S-100 V2 Part 8 comments
S-100WG1-8.18C 1 March 18C Part 8 Imagery and Gridded Data_2.1.0
  100 Infrastructure Updates
S-100WG1-9.1A 24 Feb Update on S-100 Registry interface and Test operation
S-100WG1-9.1B 24 Feb Update to S-100 FCB v2.0
  S-100 General Topics
  1 Mar S-100 Edition 2.1.0 Working Documents (zip file)
  11 Feb S-100 Edition 2.1.0 Working Documents (zip file).  (Redline versions)
S-100WG1-10.1A 14 Jan S-100WG Input to the IHO Strategic Plan
S-100WG1-10.1B 14 Jan Draft HSSC Work Plan for 2016-17
S-100WG1-10.1C 11 Feb IHO Strategic Plan 2009
S-100WG1-10.2A 28 Jan Interoperability of S-100 Product Specifications.
S100WG01-10.2B 1 Mar Extending S-100 to Non-navigational Marine Applications (rev 1)
S100WG01-10.3A 1 March Supporting the ISO 19152 Land Domain Administrative Model in a Marine Environment (rev 1)
S-100WG1-10.4A 28 Jan General Testbed Update
S-100WG1-10.4B 28 Jan S-100 Test Framework
S-1001-10.5A 28 Jan Shore Based ECDIS Definitions
S-100WG1-10.6A 26 Jan Restructuring of the S-100 Registry
S-100WG1-10.7A 26 Jan Spatial Model Approximate Areas for Nautical Information Specifications
S100WG01-10.8A 10 Feb Questions for S-100WG regarding the surface currents PS
S100WG01-10.8B 10 Feb  S-111 Draft Version 1.8 2016.02.06
S100WG01-10.9A 10 Feb  Implementation of TopLevelTemplate
S-100WG01-10.10A 26 Jan Layer ID
S-100WG01-10.11A 10 Feb Request of Unique Identifier function in S-100 -final
S-100WG01-10.12A 16 Feb Proposed Alerts and Indications Model for S-100

S-101 Project Team Working Documents

S-101PT1-1A   List of Documents
S-101PT1-1B   List of Participants
S-101PT1-2A 11 Feb Agenda (rev 5)
S-101PT1-2B   Status of Actions
S-101PT1-3A 2 Feb Draft DCEG document (Jan 2016)
S-101PT1-3B 2 Feb DCEG Post Baseline Change Log (.xls format)
S-101PT1-3.1 14 Jan IEHG proposal for the DCEG
S-101PT1-3.2A 2 Feb S-101 DCEG Proposals from Australia
S-101PT1-3.2B 2 Feb S-101 DCEG Issues from Australia (Reference only)
S-101PT1-3.3 2 March Restricted Area Proposal
S-101PT1-3.4A 1 March Attribute for sector length
S-101PT1-3.4B 14 Jan Sector Lights - Presentation from the Norwegian Coastal Administration
S-101PT1-3.5 9 March Buildings Above Water Encoding
S-101PT1-3.6 2 Feb DCEG Issues from Jeppesen 2016
S-101PT1-3.7 2 Feb DCEG Fairways Proposal
S-101PT1-3.8 4 Feb Corrections for Encoding of Features Associated with pointSet Geometries
S-101PT1-4.1 2 Feb S-101 Status Update January 2016
S-101PT1-4.1A 2 Feb S-101 Risk Register January 2016
S-101PT1-4.1B 14 Jan S-101 Timeline
S-101PT1-4.1C 14 Jan S-101 Roadmap -Clean and S-101 Roadmap (with changes)
S-101PT1-4.1D 2 Feb S-101 Product Specification (.docx format)
S-101PT1-4.1G 2 Feb Validation Checks for S-101 (.doc format)
S-101PT1-4.2 14 Jan Data Coverage Rules (rev 1)
S-101PT1-4.3 2 Feb FC 0.8.x discrepancies 20160122
S-101PT1-4.4   Concept of DCEG editor and Prototype Development
S-101PT1-4.5 1 March Super-types for S-101
S-101PT1-5.1 16 March S-101 to S-57 Convertor Update  and
S-101 to S-57 Convertor Update Powerpoint
S-101PT1-5.2A 2 Feb Test Data Sets
S-101PT1--5.2B 2 Feb S-101 Test Dataset Production Task (IIC - 22 Sep 2015)  (.ppt format)
S101PT01-5.3 24 Feb S-101 Test Data Sets
S101PT01-5.4 24 Feb SPAWAR S-100 Viewer Status (rev 1)
S-101PT01-5.5 11 Feb Summary of issues affecting test bed development