IHO S-100 Test Strategy Working Group (S-100WG)

5th Test Strategy Meeting
  Virginia, USA - (19 - 21 September 2017)

Last update: September 05, 2018

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Logistics Information for the Meeting

TSM5-1A List of Documents (This page)  
TSM5-1B List of Participants  
TSM5-2A Agenda (rev 6)  
TSM5-2B TSM4 Actions  
TSM5-4.1 S-100 Lua Extension (Part 50 Scripting 3.0.0)   (Part 9a Portrayal (Lua) 3.0.0)  
TSM5-4.2 S-100 Portrayal Catalogue Builder Issues  
TSM5-4.3 S-100 Part 2 Registry Improvements [KHOA]  |  Registry Proposed Structure [IHO Sec] Presentation
TSM5-4.4 S-100 - bSplines  (.docx)   |  Part 10a ISO-IEC 8211 Encoding 3.1 Splines  
TSM5-4.5 Maritime Resource Names (MRN) Concept Presentation
TSM5-4.6 S-100 Metadata Update Proposal (.zip) [for S-100 Part 4] Presentation
TSM5-4.7 Use of ISO standards in S-100  
TSM5-4.8A Clarifications to GML in S-100  (.docx) Presentation
TSM5-4.8B GML Encoding Part 10a (.docx)  
TSM5-4.9 Portrayal Experience from prototype S-101 Viewer  
TSM5-4.10A S-100 Open issues based on experience from prototype S-10x Viewer  
TSM5-4.10B Annex B - GML Madness  
TSM5-4.11 Updating GML Datasets Presentation
TSM5-5.1 Interoperability Specification (Ver 0.1) (.docx) and Sample / Schemas (.zip)  
TSM5-5.2 Interoperability Report  (Report on S-100 Interoperability Workshop) Presentation
TSM5-5.3 Procedures for S-100 Interoperability Catalogue  
TSM5-5.4 Producer Anency Codes Rigister Model Presentation
TSM5-5.5 Progress Report on S-63 for S-100  
TSM5-6.1 S-100 Test Bed Framework  
TSM5-6.2 S-100 Test Bed Platform  
TSM5-6.3 Report on S-124 Test activity (Rev 1) Presentation
TSM5-6.4 Update on S-100 Test Data Sets and Test Bed Plan  
TSM5-6.5 KHOA S-100 Test Bed Plan and Scenario  
TSM5-6.6 SPAWAR S100 Test Bed Report Presentation
TSM5-7.1 S-102 Update Presentation
TSM5-7.2 S-101 Taxonomic Hierarchy  
  S-412 Example (zip)  
  Proposed Shemas (zip)  
TSM5-7.3 Progress with S-111 Surface Currents Presentation
TSM5-8.1 Hydrographic Dictionary - Proposed New Structure