IHO S-100 Test Strategy Working Group (S-100WG)

6th Test Strategy Meeting
  Busan, Rep of Korea - (18 - 20 September 2018)

Last update: October 04, 2018

Post Meeting Documents: [Draft Report]   [Draft Action Items]    [Meeting Photos] 

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Logistics Information (PDF) and (Word)

TSM6-1A List of Documents (This page)  
TSM6-1B List of Participants  
TSM6-2A Agenda (rev 3)  
TSM6-2B TSM5 Actions  (from TSM5 Report)  
TSM6-4.1 S-100 Part 15 Data Protection  (.docx format)
S101 data protection proposal (Primar)
TSM6-4.2 Marine Resource Naming Process in S-100 Presentation
TSM6-4.3 Discussion on Data Packaging  
TSM6-4.4 Alerts and Indications Paper  (updated 17 Sept)
Alerts Catalogue (zip)
TSM6-4.5 Binding Specific Concepts to Generic Concepts Presentation
TSM6-4.6 Metadata Register Concept  
TSM6-4.7 S-100 GI registry Update for Test Bed programme  
TSM6-4.8 Portrayal Catalogue Process for S-100 based PSs  
TSM6-4.9 S-100 Edition 4.0.0 - Review Parts (.zip)  
TSM6-4.10 S-100 Stakeholder Review - Consolidated Comments (.docx)  
TSM6-5.1 S-98 Interoperability Specification Comments (.zip)  
TSM6-5.1A Interoperability Catalogue Process Update  
TSM6-5.2 S-97 Guidebook for S-100 (.zip)  (updated 11 Sept)  
TSM6-6.1 S-100 Test Bed Framework  
TSM6-6.1A S-100 Test Bed Platform  
TSM6-6.2 KHOA Test Bed Project  
TSM6-6.3 SPAWAR S-100 Test Bed (updated 18 Sept)
Symbol Colours (updated 18 Sept)
TSM6-7.1 S-101 Status  
TSM6-7.1A S-101 Feature Catalogue version 1.0.0 (paper) and (spreadsheet)  
TSM6-7.2 S-57 to S-101 Convertor Update  (17 Sept) Presentation
TSM6-7.3 S-102 Status and Convertor
Converter application - 160Mb
TSM6-7.4 S-104 Status Presentation (v8)
TSM6-7.5 S-111 Status Presentation (v4)
TSM6-7.6 NIPWG Product Specifications Status  
TSM6-7.7 S-124 Status  
TSM6-7.8 S-129 Status
Static and dynamic UKCM definitions from S-129 PT meeting
TSM6-7.9 Proposal to Divide S-412 to Three Product Specifications Presentation