IHO Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC)

3rd ARHC Meeting
9th to 11th October 2012 (Fram Center, Tromsø, Norway)

Last update: janvier 11, 2013

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Invitation Letter        Logistics Information           Registration Form


Report of ArHC2            Statutes of ArHC


Programme of the Scientific Forum and Presentations

  List of Meeting Documents
  List of Participants
ARHC3-1.a rev3 Agenda and timetable
ARHC3-1.b rev1 Annotated Agenda
ARHC3-1.d rev1 Actions arising from ARHC2
ARHC3-2a National Report, Canada
ARHC3-2b National Report, Denmark
ARHC3-2c National Report, Norway
ARHC3-2d National Report, Russian Federation
ARHC3-2e National Report, USA           Annex A
ARHC3-3.1.2 Draft ToR AICCWG
ARHC3-3.1.3 BSHC MSDI WG, Report 2012
ARHC3-3.1 INF1 Proposal for discussion of way ahead for procedures for the possible formation of an ARHC Hydrographic information exchange working group
ARHC3-3.2 Operational and Technical Working Group Report
ARHC3-3.2.3 Tides under the Ice
ARHC3-3.2.4 Tidal Characteristics, Alaska
ARHC3-3.2.6 Bering Sea Reconnaissance Report
ARHC3-3.2.7 Choosing a Suitable Projection for Navigation in the Arctic
ARHC3-3.2.8 Alaska Coastal/Shoreline Mapping Program
ARHC3-3.2_INF1 Proposed Canadian Arctic Voyage Planning Guide (2)
ARHC3-3.2_INF2 CIS Ice Charts
ARHC3-3.2_INF3 Information Paper on Canada Arctic Pilot Project – Victoria Strait – Multi-Platform Approach in Arctic Conditions
ARHC3-3.3 Report of ARGWG
ARHC3-3.3 INF2 INF Paper on Mariners Routeing Guide          Mariners Guide updated
ARHC3-3.4 NPPWG Report, Denmark, 2012
ARHC3-6.1 Actions arising from IRCC4
ARHC3-6.2 INT Chart Region N
  Arctic Hydrographic Reconnaissance Project