IHO Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC)

5th ARHC Meeting
28-30 October 2015 (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Last update: 18 March 2016

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    Statutes of ArHC
    List of Meeting Documents (this html file)
ARHC5-A4 8 October 2015 List of Participants

26 October 2015

Draft Agenda , rev. 23 October 2015

8 October 2015

Preliminary Programme
ARHC5-B1 Rev1 8 October 2015 IHB Report
ARHC5-B2   Outcome of IRCC7
ARHC5-B3   Status of Actions arising from ARHC4 and from Special Meeting (October 2014)
ARHC5-B4.1 22 October 2015 National Report, Canada
ARHC5-B4.2 20 October 2015 National Report, Denmark
ARHC5-B4.3 20 October 2015 National Report, Norway
ARHC5-B4.4 26 October 2015 National Report, Russian Federation
ARHC5-B4.5 21 October 2015 National Report, USA
ARHC5-B5.1 22 October 2015 IHB Letter to RHCs dated 7 Oct. 2015 (Proposed Procedure for RHC to designate their Representatives to the IHO Council)
ARHC5-B5.2 22 October 2015 Proposal for Rules of Procedures for ARHC Selection to the Council
ARHC5-C1   Report of Strategic Planning Working Group
ARHC5-C2 26 October 2015 Report of Operational and Technical Working Group
ARHC5-C3 21 October 2015 Report of Arctic Voyage Planning Guide Working Group
ARHC5-C4 20 October 2015 Status of Arctic International Charting Coordination Working Group
ARHC5-D1   Progress Report of the WEND Working Group
ARHC5-D2 21 October 2015 Report from Arctic Council / PAME
ARHC5-D3 20 October 2015 Report from IHO-EU Network Working Group
ARHC5-D4 26 October 2015 Associate Members and Observers of ARHC (application from Finland)

ARHC5-E1 20 October 2015 Report of the Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Working Group (MSDIWG)
ARHC5-F1 20 October 2015 New Danish national ENC service for leisure craft users
ARHC5-F2   The Water Area of the Northern Sea Route. Organization of Navigation and Hydrographic Support
ARHC5-G1   World Round Cruise of “Admiral Vladimirskiy” Oceanographic Research Vessel
ARHC5-G2 (INF1) 5 October 2015 U.S. Arctic Nautical Charting Plan Paper (and Link to Plan)
ARHC5-G3   Electronic Navigational Charting and Problems in the adjustment of marine spatial data in the Arctic
ARHC5-H1   Canada’s Proposal to stand the next ARHC Chairman
ARHC5-H2 22 October 2015 Proposed order of future ARHC meetings 2016-2022
ARHC5-H3   Canada’s Proposal to update ARHC Statutes Articles 7b and 7d
Canada’s Proposal to Host the ARHC 6 Meeting in Canada in October, 2016