IHO Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica (HCA)

9 th HCA Meeting
12th to 14th  October 2009 (Simon's Town, Cape Town, South Africa)

Last update: February 27, 2010

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Logistics Information and Registration Form

HCA9-01A rev.4 List of Meeting Documents
HCA9-01B rev.2 List of Participants
HCA9-02A  HCA Membership and Observers List
HCA9-03A rev.4 Agenda
HCA9-03B rev.1 Annotated Agenda
HCA9-03C rev.2 Timetable
HCA9-05A rev.3 Status of Actions List from the 8th HCA Meeting
HCA9-06.1A ATCM Secretariat Report
HCA9-06.2A  COMNAP Report (2 MB) 
HCA9-06.4A IAATO Report
HCA9-06.7A SANAP Report
HCA9-07.1A rev.2 INT Chart Scheme and Production Status for Region ‘M’ (1.5 MB)
HCA9-07.1B rev.1 INT Charts in Progress or Not Produced
HCA9-07.1C rev.2 Layout of INT Production Status for Region 'M' (1 MB)
HCA9-07.2A  ENC Schemes and Production Status in Antarctica (1.7 MB)
HCA9-07.3A  Undersea Feature Naming Status in Antarctica
HCA9-07.3B GEBCO Report
HCA9-07.3C IBCSO Report  (PPT)


National Reports

HCA9-07.4Aa National Report France (PPT)
HCA9-07.4Ab National Report Brazil
HCA9-07.4Ac National Report Japan
HCA9-07.4Ad National Report Norway
HCA9-07.4Ae National Report India
HCA9-07.4Af National Report UK
HCA9-07.4Ag National Report South Africa
HCA9-07.4Ah National Report Chile (1 MB) (PPT)
HCA9-07.4Ai National Report Australia
HCA9-07.4Aj National Report Germany
HCA9-07.4Ak National Report NZ - Full Report (5.2 MB)     Summary    (PPT)
HCA9-07.4Al National Report Russia
HCA9-07.4Am National Report Spain (PPT)
HCA9-07.4An National Report Korea (Rep.) (PPT)
HCA9-07.4Ao National Report Venezuela (PPT)
HCA9-07.4B S-55 Status and GIS for Antarctica – Progress Report
HCA9-08Aa HSPWG Report
HCA9-08Ab HSPWG Report (Cont.) (10.5 MB)
HCA9-08B rev.1 HCA Long Term Survey Plan - September 2009
HCA9-08C rev.1 HCA Survey Short List - September 2009

Information Papers

HCA9-INF1  Current HCA Statutes
HCA9-INF2 Minutes of the 8th HCA Meeting, Niteroi, RJ, Brazil, 2008
HCA9-INF3 IHO Report submitted to ATCM-32
HCA9-INF4 Collection and Rendering of Hydrographic Data obtained by 'Ships Of Opportunity' (SOO) in Antarctic Waters
HCA9-INF5 IAATO Overview of Antarctic Tourism: 2008-2009