United States and Canada Hydrographic Commission (USCHC)

37th USCHC Meeting
St. Johnís, Newfoundland, Canada (16 April 2014)

Last update: May 30, 2014

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USCHC37-1A rev1 List of Documents
USCHC37-1B List of Participants
USCHC37-1C List of Terms
USCHC37-2A rev1 Agenda
USCHC37-3A CHS National Update
USCHC37-4A Minutes of USCHC-36
USCHC37-4B USCSC Actions
USCHC37-5A Charting Advisors Committee (CAC) Teleconference, 26-27 Feb 2014 - Report
USCHC37-6A List of Actions agreed at IRCC5 (2013)
USCHC37-6B USCHC input to IHO Strategic Performance Indicators and IRCC Working Level Performance Indicators
USCHC37-6C IHO CL 22/2014 on CBSC-12 and IRCC-6 meetings
USCHC37-6D WEND Principles
USCHC37-6E Guidelines for WEND Principles
USCHC37-6F USCHC Report to IRCC - draft
USCHC37-7A CCL 08 sending Proposals for Consideration by the Fifth EIHC
USCHC37-8A IHB Report
USCHC37-9A Radar Derived Bathymetry - NOAA SBIR Phase 1 - Final Report
USCHC37-9B e-Nav CA brief
USCHC37-9C Marine Cadastre CA brief