IHO Digital Information Portrayal Working Group (DIPWG)

1st DIPWG Meeting
Ottawa, Canada (4-8 May 2009)
[combined with 18th TSMAD Meeting]

Last update: février 04, 2010

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes] - [Photo

Document No

Document Title

DIPWG1-01A rev.4 List of Documents
TSMAD18_DIPWG1-01B rev.4 List of Participants
TSMAD18_DIPWG1-02A rev.12 Joint Agenda for TSMAD-18 and DIPWG-1
DIPWG1-06A Minutes of CSMWG-18
DIPWG1-06B Status of Actions from CSMWG-18
DIPWG1-06.A C&S Maintenance Document No. 7 May 2009
DIPWG1-09.1A Portrayal_Model
DIPWG1-09.2A Portrayal_Schemes
DIPWG1-09.4A Translation of CSPs to XML [Report] [XML files]
DIPWG1-11.3A S-101 User Outreach
DIPWG1-13.1A Isolated danger symbol
DIPWG1-13.4A AIS as an aid to navigation
DIPWG1-13.4B AIS AtoN: Paper MSC 86-23-7 from Japan
DIPWG1-13.4C AIS AtoN: Comment from UKHO
DIPWG1_14.1A ISO 19117
DIPWG1_14.1B Report on ISO TC211 Meeting in Copenhagen
DIPWG1_14.1C Report on ISO TC211 Meeting in Rome, NY
DIPWG1_15.1A Draft S-52 Edition 6
DIPWG1_15.1B Revision Process for S-52 Main Document
DIPWG1_18.1A PL Look-up Table Modifications for Obstructions