Tides, Water Level and Currents Working Group (TWCWG)

1st TWCWG Meeting
Brazil - 25 to 29 April 2016

Updated 30 June 2016

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]  [Photo

Document No

Document Title

TWCWG1 Letter 1 Letter of Invitation
TWCWG1 Annex B TWCWG1 Registration (Word version)
TWCWG1 Annex D Rates - H Niteroi Hotel
TWCWG1 Annex E H Niteroi Hotel Information
TWCWG1-1.1 Chair Opening Address
TWCWG1-1.2 CHM Opening Address
TWCWG1-1.3 IHB Opening Address
TWCWG1-2.1 Agenda v2.0
TWCWG1-2.2 Programme v5.0
TWCWG1-2.3 Daily Menu
TWCWG1-2.4a TWLWG Report to HSSC7
TWCWG1-2.4b SCWG Report to HSSC7
TWCWG1-2.4c SCWG Presentation to HSSC7
TWCWG1-2.4d Extract from HSSC7 Report
TWCWG1-2.5a TWLWG7-List of Actions - 2 October 2015
TWCWG1-2.5b SCWG3-List of Actions - 8 April 2016
TWCWG1-3.1 Italy National Report
TWCWG1-4.2.1 Furgo Surface Current Data
TWCWG1-4.2.2 Questions for S-100WG regarding the surface currents PS
TWCWG1-4.2.3 S-111 Version 1.8 2016.02.06
TWCWG1-7.1.1 IHO Resolutions
TWCWG1-7.1.2a Resolution 3/1919 (Track change)
TWCWG1-7.1.2b Resolution 3/1919 (Clean)
TWCWG1-7.1.3 HSSC7-05.8C Comments on TWLWG Report
TWCWG1-7.2 Review of relevant IHO Charting Specifications
TWCWG1-9.1.1 SAN TWC CB Workshop
TWCWG1-9.1.2 SAN TWC CB Workshop Presentation
TWCWG1-11.1 TWCWG Work Plan 2017-2018
TWCWG1-11.3 Draft SCPT ToRs
TWCWG1-14 TWCWG 2 - Draft Agenda
TWCWG1-15 Chair Closing Remarks
TWCWG1 Presentations Presentations.zip
TWCWG1 Participants List of Participants