Tides, Water Level and Currents Working Group (TWCWG)

3rd TWCWG Meeting
Vina del Mar, Chile
- 16 to 20 April 2018

Updated 14 September 2018

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]  [Photo

Document No

Document Title

TWCWG3 Letter 1 Letter of Invitation
TWCWG3 Annex B TWCWG3 Registration (Word version)
TWCWG3 Annex C Logistic Information
TWCWG3-2.1 Agenda v11.0
TWCWG3-2.2 Programme v9.0
TWCWG3-2.4a TWCWG Report to HSSC9
TWCWG3-2.4b TWCWG Presentation to HSSC9
TWCWG3-2.4c Extract from HSSC9 Report
TWCWG3-2.4d Intersessionnal Activities
TWCWG3-2.5 TWCWG2-List of Actions - 27 June 2017
TWCWG3-4.2.3 S-111 Version 0.1.12 - Clean and Track Change versions and Comment form
TWCWG3-5.5 Part 10c HDF5 Encoding - edition 4.0.0 - Draft
TWCWG3-6.2 Digital Tide and Tidal Current Table - Draft IHO Resolution v2.0
TWCWG3-7.1 IHO Resolutions
TWCWG3-7.2 Review of relevant IHO Charting Specifications
TWCWG3-11.1 TWCWG Work Plan 2019-2020
TWCWG3-15 TWCWG4 - Draft Agenda
TWCWG3-16 Chair closing remarks
TWCWG3-Presentations Presentations.zip
TWCWG3-National Presentations National Presentations.zip
TWCWG3-Participants List of Participants