IHO GI Registry Workshop (25 - 26 February 2019)
5th S-102 Project Team Meeting (25 - 26 February 2019)

4th S-100 Working Group
(S-100WG) Meeting (27 Feb - 1 March 2019) 

Note: The S-102 PT and S100 Registry Workshop will be held concurrently on 25-26 of February, 2019

Aalborg, Denmark

Last update: January 30, 2020

Post Meeting Documents: [S-100WG4 Minutes and Actions] [.docx] - [Reg WS Photo] [S-102 Photo] [S-100WG4 Photo]

Logistics Information

Information Letter  
(and S102 Edition 1.1.0 HSSC Redline, S100 Comment Form_S-102 Bathymetry, S-97_0_2_20180831 Guidance for PS Developers and S100 Comment Form_S97 Guidance for PS Developers)

(Online Registration Site)
There are separate registration forms for the;
 - S-100WG (27 Feb - 1 March)
 - S-102PT meetings ( 25 - 26 Feb)
 - Registry Workshop (25 - 26 Feb)

Please also email your intention to attend the meeting before 25 January 2019 to:
the S-100WG Chair: Julia Powell (julia.powell@noaa.gov) and acting Secretary: Anthony Pharaoh addt@iho.int

IHO Registry Workshop Documents
Document No Date Document Title
REGWS1-1.1 05-03-19 List of Documents                                                       [Presentation covering entire Workshop Agenda]
REGWS1-1.2   List of Meeting Participants
(Please ensure that you have registerd for the meeting using the Online Registration Site)
REGWS1-2.1 17-01-19 Agenda
REGWS1-2.2 05-03-19 Introduction to the IHO GI Registry                                                                                 [Presentation]
REGWS1-3.1   Registry Structure and Roles (current) (.doc)
REGWS1-3.2A 17-01-19 Registry Structure and Roles ("new") (.doc)
REGWS1-3.2B 17-01-19 Registry Structure - Questions (.doc)
REGWS1-3.2C 17-01-19 Marine Resource Names - IALA (.doc)
REGWS1-3.3   Registry Content
REGWS1-3.3A 17-01-19 FCD Register Item Review (.xls)
REGWS1-3.3B 17-01-19 FCD Register Item Review - Observations and Analysis (.doc)
REGWS1-4   Registry Interface
REGWS1-4.1A 17-01-19 Registry Observations (current) (.doc)
REGWS1-4.2A 17-01-19 Registry Observations ("new") (.doc)
REGWS1-6.3 05-03-19 S-99 Annex A_Registry Guidelines_Edition 0.0.1_Working (.docx)

5th S-102 Project Team Meeting

Document No


Document Title

S-102PT5-1   List of Meeting Participants
(Please ensure that you have registerd for the meeting using the Online Registration Site)
S-102PT5-2 20-02-19 Agenda
S-102PT5-3.1a 20-02-19 S-102 Ed 2.0.0 Draft Redline (updated) (.docx format)  [See also HSSC Letter 2/2018]
S-102PT5-3.1b 20-02-19 S-102 Converter Update [Download Bag to S-102 conversion SW - for Linux and Windows]
S-102PT5-3.1c 20-02-19 S-102 Feature Registration Update
S-102PT5-3.2 18-01-19 Applicability of the S-102 PS for data producers (BSH)                                                    [Presentation]
S-102PT5-3.3 20-02-19 Horizontal Uncertainty (Final Version)
S-102PT5-3.4 20-02-19 HDF5 File Families (paper S-100WG4-4.12)  (RM)                                                          [Presentation
S-102PT5-3.5 20-02-19 Miscellaneous Revisions for Gridded and HDF5  (.docx)  (paper S-100WG4-4.14)  [RM]
S-102PT5-3.6a 20-02-19 DQWG14-07A - Proposal to verify the data quality aspects
S-102PT5-3.6b 20-02-19 DQWG14-07C - Review PS of S-102 on data quality aspectsb
S-102PT5-3.6c 20-02-19 DQWG14-08C - Paper proposing a new method to display quality
S-102PT5-3.7 20-02-19 BAG Proposal (ONS)
S-102PT5-3.8 20-02-19 PRIMAR Comments
  20-02-19 Consolidated Comments S-102PT Meeting (.docx)
4th S-100WG Documents

Document No


Document Title

1. Opening and Administrative Arrangements

S-100WG4-1.1   List of Documents (this index)
S-100WG4-1.2   List of Meeting Participants 
(Please ensure that you have register for the meeting using the Online Registration Site).
S-100WG4-1.3   S-100WG - Work Plan and Future Meetings  HSSC Consolidated Workplan (23 Jan 2018) (.docx)
S-100WG4-1.4   Chairs Introduction Slides

2. Approval of the Agenda

S-100WG4-2.1 22-02-19 Agenda  (rev 3)

3. Matters Arrising and HSSC Working Group Reports

S-100WG4-3.1 29-11-18 Approval of S-100WG3 Minutes
S-100WG4-3.2 29-11-18 Review of S-100WG3 Actions
S-100WG4-3.3 29-11-18 HSSC10 Report to Council 2
S-100WG4-3.4 29-11-18 HSSC10 Actions For S-100WG4
S-100WG4-3.5   ENCWG Report                                                                                                            [Presentation]
S-100WG4-3.6   NCWG Report                                                                                                              [Presentation]
S-100WG4-3.7   NIPWG Activities [Outcomes of using the Feature Catalogue Builder to create the S-127 feature catalogue]                                                                                                                    [Presentation]
S-100WG4-3.8   DQWG Report                                                                                                              [Presentation]
S-100WG4-3.9   Report from WWNWS-SC / S-124CG

4. S-100 Proposals

S-100WG4-4.1   Dataset Naming Convention for S-100
S-100WG4-4.2 15-02-19 Exchange Catalogue Naming for S-100                                                                           [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.3 28-01-19 Guidance on how to manage the urn:mrn:iho namespace (moved to 6.4)
S-100WG4-4.4 20-01-19 Proposed clarification on masking         [Revised at Meeting]                                           [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.5 29-01-19 S-100 Validation Checks and Validation Checks List_Ver 2 (.xlsx)
S-100WG4-4.6 06-02-19 Catalogue CSS Files Proposal (rev 1)                                                                             [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.7 29-01-19 Palette Support For Symbols Proposal                                                                           [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.8 29-01-19 Palette Item Transparency Proposal                                                                               [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.9 29-01-19 Style Sheet Folder Proposal                                                                                          [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.10 29-01-19 ISO8211 DSC Proposal                                                                                                 [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.11 13-02-19 Proposal to Review S-100 Exchange Set Model (rev 1)                                                     [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.12 11-02-19 HDF5 File Families  (.docx)                                                                                           [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.13 12-02-19 Miscellaneous Revisions  (.docx)                                                                                   [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.14 12-02-19 Miscellaneous Revisions for Gridded and HDF5  (.docx)                                                   [Presentation]

Grid Point Position                                                                                                       [Presentation]

S-100WG4-4.15 21-02-19 Feature Association Field Data Descriptive Field Update                                                  [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.16 21-02-19 Table Recommended Metadata for Geographic Datasets footnote Correction                     [Presentation]
S-100WG4-4.17 21-02-19 Example Field Table using the DSID field update                                                             [Presentation]
5. S-98 Interoperability Specification
S-100WG4-5.1A 04-02-19 S-98 Interoperability Specification for S-100 (redline) and Comments form [.zip format]
S-100WG4-5.1B 20-02-19 See also: Interoperability Catalogue - Functional Principles Overview (draft .docx)              [Presentation]
6. S-100 General Topics
S-100WG4-6.1 18-01-19 S-100 Technical Readiness Levels                                                                                 [Presentation]
S-100WG4-6.2 04-02-19 S-97 Product Specification Development Guidebook Ed 0.0.2  [.zip format]
(Annex A, B, C, and Comment sheet)

Annex C - Input from DQWG

S-100WG4-6.3   S-100 Infrastructure Development (KHOA)                                                                       [Presentation]
S-100WG4-6.4 15-02-19 Marine Resource Naming Guidance for S-97                                                                   [Presentation]
S-100WG4-6.5 22-01-19 Proposal to create a new ENC distribution protocol
S-100WG4-6.6 11-02-19 Optimisation of the conversion of S-57 data to S-101                                                       [Presentation]
S-100WG4-6.6A 11-02-19 Optimised Encoding for S-57 to S-101 conversion
S-100WG4-6.7 28-01-19 Proposal for defining S-100 Compliancy Levels
S-100WG4-6.8 13-02-19 S-100 Data Services via SMART Navigation Platform (rev 1)                                              [Presentation]
S-100WG4-6.9 08-02-19 Update on S-100 Portrayal Catalogue Builder                                                                  [Presentation]
S-100WG4-6.10 08-02-19 Conversion of S-57 Test/Validation data to S-101
S-100WG4-6.11 08-02-19 Roles and Association Management by S-100 FCB                                                         [Presentation]
S-100WG4-6.12 19-02-19 Progress Report on S-101 Feature Catalogue 1.0.0                                                         [Presentation]
S-100WG4-6.13A 19-02-19 S-100 GI Registry Updates and Plan for 3rd Registry
S-100WG4-6.13B 04-03-19 Activities of the IHO GI Registry and Workshop Summary                                                [Presentation]
7. S-100 Project Team Reports and Proposals
S-100WG4-7.1 13-02-19 S-102 PT5 Report  [See also S-102PT5-3.1b above - Bag to S-102 conversion SW]           [Presentation]
S-100WG4-7.2 20-02-19 S-121 MLB Product Specification Edition 1.0.0                                                               [Presentation]
   - Annex A - DCEG
   - Annex B - Encoding
   - Annex F - Derivation of Classes (Informative)

   - UML Models (.eap)
Additional resources
S-100WG4-7.3 05-02-19 S-129 Draft Product Specification 28 Feb                                                             [Presentation 28 Feb]
S-100WG4-7.4 21-02-19 S-101 PT Report  (Latest S-101 FC - 14-2-19)  [rename .piz to zip]                                   [Presentation]
S-100WG4-7.5 23-01-19 S-124 CG Report                                                                                                          [Presentation]  
8. S-100 Test Bed Reports
S-100WG4-8.1 07-02-19 S-100 Test Bed Reporting Template (ver2)
S-100WG4-8.2 05-02-19 SPAWAR Test Bed Report                                                     [Presentation in pdf] and [PPT - very big]

Summary of Change Proposals                                                                                      [Presentation]

S-100WG4-8.3 08-02-19 Ship simulator based S-100 Test System                                                                       [Presentation]
S-100WG4-8.4 13-02-19 KHOA Test bed Report                                                                                                 [Presentation]
9. External Liaison Reports
S-100WG4-9.1   ISO/TC211                                                                                                                   [Presentation]
S-100WG4-9.2   OGC                                                                                                                           [Presentation]
S-100WG4-9.3   IEC
S-100WG4-9.4   IEHG                                                                                                                           [Presentation]
S-100WG4-9.5   WMO - JCOMM
10. Any Other Business