IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application
 Development Working Group (TSMAD)

27th TSMAD Meeting
 IHB, Monaco (2-6 December 2013)

Last update: March 06, 2014

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Logistics Information and Registration Form (MS Word Format)
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    Provisional Meeting Timetable
TSMAD27-DCEG   Link to - Data Capture and Encoding Documents below
TSMAD27-1A 29 Nov List of Documents
TSMAD27-1B 25 Nov List of Participants
TSMAD27-2A (rev 5) 25 Nov Agenda
TSMAD27-3 23 Oct Minutes of the 26th Meeting - Silver Spring, USA
TSMAD27-3.1 23 Oct Action Items from 26 meeting (also included in Agenda)
TSMAD27-4.1.1 20 Nov Actions from HSSC5 (See HSSC5 Outcomes and Action - Rough Draft)
TSMAD27-4.1.2 20 Nov TSMAD Work Plan (2014-15)
TSMAD27-4.2.1   Report on SNPWG
TSMAD27-4.2.2   Report on CSPCWG
TSMAD27-4.2.3   Report on DQWG
TSMAD27-4.2.4   Report on DIPWG
TSMAD27-4.2.5   Report on TWLWG
TSMAD27-4.2.6 20 Nov Report on DGIWG
TSMAD27-4.2.7 30 Oct Report on IALA - (IALA briefing paper to HSSC5)
TSMAD27-4.2.8 25 Nov Report from HDWG


TSMAD27-4.3.1A 13 Nov S-100 Status Update
TSMAD27-4.3.1B 13 Nov S-100 Part 1 - Conceptual Schema Language
TSMAD27-4.3.1C 13 Nov S-100 Part 2a - Feature Concept Dictionary Registers
TSMAD27-4.3.1D 13 Nov S-100 Part 3 - General Feature Model and Rules for Application Schema
TSMAD27-4.3.1E 13 Nov S-100 Part 5 - Feature Catalogue
TSMAD27-4.3.1F 13 Nov S-100 Part 7 - Spatial Schema
TSMAD27-4.3.1G 13 Nov S-100 Part 10a - ISO/IEC 8211 Encoding
TSMAD27-4.3.1H 13 Nov S-100 Part 11 - Product Specifications
TSMAD27-4.3.2A 23 Oct S-100 Metadata Schema Update
TSMAD27-4.3.2B 14 Nov S-100 Metadata Schema Update - Companion files to TSMAD27-4.3.2A
TSMAD27-4.3.3A 23 Oct S-100 Metadata Proposals
TSMAD27-4.3.3B rev1 14 Nov Part 4A Metadata 2.0.0 through TSMAD27 proposals
TSMAD27-4.3.4A 13 Nov Reconciling Geographic Markup Language (GML) with S-100
TSMAD27-4.3.4B 13 Nov S-100 GML profile analysis
TSMAD27-4.3.4C 22 Nov S-100 GML Profile documents (zip)
TSMAD27-4.3.5A 13 Nov Status of ISO 19100 Standards Profiled in S-100 (.xls)
TSMAD27-4.3.6A 13 Nov S-100 Maintenance - Change Proposal Form - Temporal Model
TSMAD27-4.3.6B 13 Nov Inclusion of a Temporal Model within S-100
TSMAD27-4.3.7A 13 Nov S-100 Part 3 Annex A
TSMAD27-4.3.8A 13 Nov S-100 Maintenance - Change Proposal Form - 11-7.3
TSMAD27-4.3.9A 13 Nov S-100 Maintenance - Change Proposal Form - Correction to S-100 Part 11 ACTION 1 and 19
TSMAD27-4.3.9B 13 Nov S-10n Product Specification Template
TSMAD27-4.3.10A 13 Nov S-100 Maintenance - Change Proposal Form - Codelists
TSMAD27-4.3.10B 13 Nov Codelists
TSMAD27-4.3.11A 13 Nov S-100 Maintenance - Change Proposal Form - Spatial Types
TSMAD27-4.3.11B 13 Nov Spatial Types for S-100 Edition 2.0.0
TSMAD27-4.3.12A 15 Nov More Spatial Types for S-100 Edition 2.0.0
TSMAD27-4.4.1A 13 Nov ENC Product Specification (Draft November 2013)
TSMAD27-4.4.1B 13 Nov S-101 Risk Register Update and next steps
TSMAD27-4.4.1C 13 Nov S-101 status and risk register
TSMAD27-4.4.2A 13 Nov S-101 Development and S-100 Testbed Timeline
TSMAD27-4.4.3 27 Nov S-100/S-101 Test Strategy Workshop Outcome (rev 1)
TSMAD27-4.4.3A 23 Oct S-100/S-101 Test Strategy Workshop Actions
TSMAD27-4.4.3B 25 Nov Test Bed Projects in Support of S-101 Development and Implementation
TSMAD27-4.4.4 23 Oct S-100/S-101 Test Plan Review
TSMAD27-4.4.4A 27 Nov Annex A S-100 Test Framework (rev 1)
TSMAD27-4.4.4B 23 Oct Annex B Test Scenarios
TSMAD27-4.4.4C 23 Oct Annex C Sample Test Template
TSMAD27-4.4.5 1 Nov S-57 to S-101 Mapping table
TSMAD27-4.4.5A 1 Nov Annex A S-57 to S-101 mapping table - Annex A (.xls)
TSMAD27-4.4.6 1 Nov S-101 Lookup Tables
TSMAD27-4.4.6A 1 Nov S-101 Lookup Tables - Annex A (.zip)
TSMAD27-4.4.7 1 Nov Multiple Data Coverages in S-101
TSMAD27-4.4.8A 14 Nov S-101 Feature Catalogue and Portrayal Catalogue Versioning
TSMAD27-4.5.1A 14 Nov
4 Dec
DCEG comments consolidated - November 2013
See Final edited comments sheet
TSMAD27-4.5.2A 14 Nov Changes to Sections 3.1, 3.5 and 3.8 of the S101 Data Classification and Encoding Guide
TSMAD27-4.5.2B 14 Nov Lights Modelling in S-101
TSMAD27-4.5.3 25 Nov DCEG Comments - Jeppesen
TSMAD27-4.5.4 25 Nov DCEG Comments - SM
TSMAD27-4.8.1A 23 Oct NATSUR and NATQUA - Table to the UOC
TSMAD27-4.8.1B 14 Nov Proposals to Amend the UOC
TSMAD27-4.8.2 25 Nov KHOA - S-57 UOC Software
TSMAD27-4.9.1A 13 Nov S-64 Working Group 3 Agenda
TSMAD27-4.9.1B 12 Nov S-52 Preslib 4.0.0 - S-64 3.0.0 Cross Reference (.xls)
TSMAD27-4.9.1C 13 Nov S-64 3.0.0 - Current Outline draft
TSMAD27-4.9.1D 12 Nov S-64 Datasets (.zip)
TSMAD27-4.11.1A 13 Nov JCOMM/ETMSS Weather Overlay Project
TSMAD27-4.11.1B 12 Nov Annex B - Visualization Tables
TSMAD27-4.11.2 26 Nov Progress of Marine Environment MIO Project of EAHC
TSMAD27-6.1 25 Nov S-102 Proposal

TSMAD27 INF Papers

TSMAD27-INF1 5 Dec New ways of representing data quality for surface navigation
TSMAD27-INF2 4 Dec S58 Rev2 Changes
TSMAD27-INF3 4 Dec S58 Amendments Submission Final

Data Capture and Encoding Guide Documents

DCEG1. - .pdf   Agenda - DCEG Sub-WG
DCEG2. - pdf   Actions from Monaco and Status
  27 Sep S-101_Data Classification and Encoding Guide_TSMAD Review_2
  27 Sep 20130822_2 DCEG 0.0.01 SubWG Review Aug 2013 Comment Form Consolidated
  27 Sep S-101 DCEG TSMAD Review No1 Comment Form_consolidated_subWG4
  27 Sep S 101 Data Classification and Encoding Guide_Working_SubWG