IHO Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC)

6th ARHC Meeting
3 and 6 October 2016 (Iqaluit (63°45'09.7"N, 068°32'40.7"W), Nunavut, Canada)

Last update:7 November 2016

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    Statutes of ArHC
    List of Meeting Documents (this html file)
ARHC6-01 11 October
List of Participants
ARHC6-02 30 September
Draft Agenda and Timetable version 11 ( .pdf , .doc )
ARHC6-03 12 July Status of Actions arising from ARHC5 ( .doc )
ARHC6-04 8 September
IHB Report
ARHC6-05 30 September Outcome of IRCC8
List of Actions

ARHC6-06A 30 September National Report, Canada
Canadian Armed Forces National Presentation
ARHC6-06B 25 September National Report, Denmark
ARHC6-06C 28 September National Report, Norway
ARHC6-06D 2 October National Report, Russian Federation
The DNO’s views and brief comments on the ARHC 6 Agenda items
ARHC6-06E 30 September National Report, USA
ARHC6-06F 30 September National Report, Finland
ARHC6-06G 28 September National Report, Iceland
ARHC6-08A 28 September Application for Associate Membership to ARHC:
- Letter from Finland, dated 26 Oct 2015
- Letter from Iceland, dated 29 Sep 2016

ARHC6-09A  5 October Approval of the Rules and Procedures for ARHC Selection to the Council:
- Declaration of US Affiliation to the ARHC (Letter NOAA/OCS dated 5 Aug 2016)
- Application from the Russian Federation to represent ARHC at the IHO Council (Letter DNO dated 5 Oct 2016)
ARHC6-09B 28 September ARHC Rules for IHO Council Selection (Annex 5)
ARHC6-10A 28 September Updated ARHC Statutes, incl. Annex 5:
- red-line version
- clean version

ARHC6-12A 28 September Report of the Operational and Technology Working Group
ARHC6-14A 25 September Report of the Arctic International Charting Coordination Working Group (AICCWG)
ARHC6-14B 25 September US Arctic Nautical Charting Plan
ARHC6-14B-INF1 25 September 2016 Revision of the U.S. Arctic Nautical Charting Plan

ARHC6-15Ai 29 September Proposal for the Arctic Regional Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures Working Group
ARHC6-15Aii 29 September Arctic Regional Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures (MSDI) Working Group (ARMSDIWG): Draft Terms of Reference
ARHC6-15Aiii 29 September Arctic Regional Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures (MSDI) Working Group (ARMSDIWG): Draft Work Plan 2016-20121 (version Oct. 2016)
ARHC6-15Aiv 29 September Proposal for ARHC Member States to Contact Respective National Contact Points in Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (Arctic SDI)
ARHC6-15Av 29 September Proposal for ARHC Members to visit and use the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (USA) Arctic Portal
ARHC6-15B 27 September IHO MSDIWG Report
ARHC6-16A 5 October
Progress Report of WENDWG
ARHC6-17A 27 September Arctic Council: IHO Letter of Application to become an Observer Organization, dated 1 Jan 2013 - IHO Bulletin Report: Visit paid to the Secretariat, 27 June 2016
ARHC6-17C 28 September Letter from ARHC Chair to Chair, PAME Working Group dated 14 Sep 2016
ARHC6-17D 28 September PAME II-2016 (19-21 Sep 2016), Record of Decisions and Actions
ARHC6-19A 25 September Status Report from the IHO-EU Network WG (IENWG)

ARHC6-21A 28 September Provision of Nautical Information (Norway)
ARHC6-22B 29 September Alternative Approaches to Hydrographic Data Collection in the Canadian Arctic
ARHC6-23A 28 September Remote Sensing & Satellite-Derived Bathymetry
ARHC6-24A INF1 5 October Continuous Vertical Datum Separations for Canadian Waters
 ARHC6-25A 28 September  Effects of Noise on Marine Mammals