ROPME Sea Area Hydrographic Commission (RSAHC)

3rd Meeting
 8 - 9 June 2009 -  (IHB, Monaco)

Last update: February 10, 2010

Post Meeting Documents: [Report] [Photo]

Document No

Document Title

RSAHC3-01A Opening address by Commodore Tipu, Chairman RSAHC
RSAHC3-01B Opening address by Captain Gorziglia, Director IHB
RSAHC3-03A Draft Provisional Agenda
RSAHC3-03B RSAHC3 Timetable
RSAHC3-04A Action items from RSAHC2
RSAHC3-05A RSAHC Statutes
RSAHC3-06A Report from the IHB
RSAHC3-07-IR of Iran National Report of IR of Iran
RSAHC3-07-Oman National Report of Oman
RSAHC3-07-Pakistan National Report of Pakistan
RSAHC3-07-Qatar National Report of Qatar
RSAHC3-07-UK-national National Report of UK
RSAHC3-07-UK-Generic Generic Report from UK
RSAHC3-08A Status of S-55 Information for RSAHC States by the IHB
RSAHC3-09A INT Chart Scheme proposal from the IHB
RSAHC3-09B Report by the INT Chart Coordinator
RSAHC3-10A Status of ENC Coverage in the ROPME Sea Area by the IHB
RSAHC3-12A Report from the NAVAREA IX Coordinator
RSAHC3-13A Capacity Building Report from the IHB
RSAHC3-14A Shallow water bathymetry for GEBCO
RSAHC3-17A Action items from RSAHC3 Meeting
RSAHC3-Participants List of Participants
RSAHC3-Documents List of Documents