South-West Pacific Hydrographic Commission (SWPHC)

13th Meeting 
25 to 27 February 2015, Cook Islands

Last update: 19 septembre 2016

Post meeting documents:  [13th Meeting Minutes] [Annex A List of Participants]
                                          [Annex B Action List] [Group Photo

Technical Workshop (23-24 February 2015): Attendees / Programme

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References SWPHC Circular Letters
Registration Form for the SWPHC13 (25-27 Feb)
Registration Form for the Technical Workshop (23-24 Feb)
SWPHC13-01 a) Agenda (rev 2)
b) Timetable (rev 1)
c) List of Documents (this page)
List of Participants (rev 4)
Annotated Agenda (rev 1)
SWPHC13-02 Minutes of the 12th SWPHC Meeting
SWPHC13-03 Status of Actions from SWPHC12
SWPHC13-04 .1 IHB Report
.2 SWPHC Report to IRCC6
.3 IRCC6 Report
.5 WENDWG Report (
.6 HSSC6 Report (Presentation)
.7 MSDIWG Report (Presentation)
SWPHC13-05 SWPHC Statutes

National Reports

SWPHC13-06 a) Australia
b) Fiji
c) France
d) New Zealand
e) Papua New Guinea
f) Tonga
g) UK
h) USA
i) Cook Islands
j) Kiribati
k) Niue
l) Palau
m) Solomon Islands
n) Vanuatu