South-West Pacific Hydrographic Commission (SWPHC)

15th Meeting 
21-22 February 2018, Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Last update: 09 mars 2018

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The SWPHC15 will be preceeded by Technical Workshop on Implementing Hydrographic Governance (20 February 2018):
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Document No

Document Title

References SWPHC Circular Letters (including logistics and other information)
Registration Form for the SWPHC15
Templates for National Reports and for Presentations
SWPHC15-01A List of Documents (this document)
SWPHC15-01B (Rev2) List of Participants
SWPHC15-02 (Rev2) Agenda and Timetable
SWPHC15-03 Draft Minutes of the SWPHC14 Meeting
SWPHC15-04 Status of Actions from SWPHC14
SWPHC15-05.1 (Rev1) IHO Secretariat Report Presentation
SWPHC15-05.4 SWPHC Report to IRCC9
SWPHC15-05.5 SPRWG Report Presentation
SWPHC15-06.2 SWPHC Statutes

National Reports

SWPHC15-07A Australia Presentation
SWPHC15-07B Fiji
SWPHC15-07C (Rev2) France Presentation
Study for the implementation of high-resolution satellite reception facility in New Caledonia - Questionnaire
SWPHC15-07D New Zealand Presentation
SWPHC15-07E Papua New Guinea
SWPHC15-07F Tonga Presentation
SWPHC15-07G UK Presentation
SWPHC15-07H USA Presentation
SWPHC15-07I Vanuatu
SWPHC15-08A Cook Islands
SWPHC15-08B Kiribati Presentation
SWPHC15-08C Nauru Presentation
SWPHC15-08D Niue Presentation
SWPHC15-08E Palau Presentation
SWPHC15-08F Samoa Presentation
SWPHC15-08G Solomon Islands
SWPHC15-08H Tuvalu Presentation
SWPHC15-08I Indonesia Presentation
SWPHC15-09.1 SPC Report (GEM Division) Presentation
SWPHC15-09.1 SPC Report (Geoscience Division) Presentation
SWPHC15-09.2 IALA Report Presentation
SWPHC15-09.3 GEBCO Report Presentation
SWPHC15-09.3 GEBCO Report (Seabed 2030) Presentation
SWPHC15-09.3 GEBCO Proposal
SWPHC15-10.1 Report on IHO CBSC meetings and actions Presentation
SWPHC15-10.2 3-year Capacity Building Plan
SWPHC15-10.4 Regional Capacity Building Initiatives
SWPHC15-11 SWPHC ICCWG Report Presentaton
SWPHC15-13A MSI Self-Assessment Report - NAVAREA X
SWPHC15-13B MSI Self-Assessment Report - NAVAREA XIV
SWPHC15-15.1 Update on Activities in the Region and Operational Experience of ENC (Carnival Australia) Presentation
SWPHC15-15.2 Hydrographic Capacity Building: Industry Partnering (IIC Technologies) Presentation
SWPHC15-16.1 Satellite Derived Bathymetry Presentation