ENC Standards Maintenance Working Group (ENCWG)

Tokyo, Japan (14-18 March 2016)

Last update: November 24, 2016

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Logistics Information - including;
Annex A - Visa Information/Requirements
Annex B - Access Map

    Meeting Programme
ENCWG1-1A   List of Documents
ENCWG1-1B   List of Members and Participants
ENCWG1-2A 29 Jan Agenda (rev 6)
ENCWG1-3A 14 Jan Minutes of the TSMAD29/DIPWG7 Meetings.
ENCWG1-3B 14 Jan Action Items from TSMAD/DIPWG7 Meetings
ENCWG1-4A 7 March HSSC Actions for the ENCWG (.doc format)
ENCWG1-5.1A 29 Jan ENCWG - ToRs
ENCWG1-5.2A 1 March S-52 - Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS
S-52 Time Lines (.ppt)
ENCWG1-5.3A   S-57 - IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data.
ENCWG1-5.4A 10 March S-58 - Recommended ENC Validation Checks - Status  and
Discussion Docs (.zip)
ENCWG1-5.5A   S-62 - List of Data Producer Codes
ENCWG1-5.6A   S-64 - IHO Test Data Sets for ECDIS.
ENCWG1-5.7A   S-65 - ENCs: Production, Maintenance and Distribution Guidance
ENCWG1-5.8A   S-66 - Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements

Papers Arising from ENC Sub WG Feb 2016 (IHB, Monaco)

ENCWG1-5.9A   Presentation of Non official data boundary line
ENCWG1-5.9B 8 March Isolated danger symbol in un-surveyed areas
ENCWG1-5.9C   MAGVAR symbol for line features
ENCWG1-5.9D 8 March Issues with Omnidirectional Lights
ENCWG1-5.9E 15 Feb Possible dangerous situations with selecting Safety-Contour and Safety-Depth

ENCWG Proposals

ENCWG1-6.1 20 Jan Extended use of NEWOBJ for V-AIS.
ENCWG1-6.2 29 Jan Depiction of Light Characters and Object Names
ENCWG1-6.3 15 Feb ECDIS Presentation Problems with IEC_61174_Ed.4.0 and IHO_Pres Lib 4.0(.1)
ENCWG1-6.4 28 Feb Change Proposal - Navtor
ENCWG1-6.5 28 Feb Portrayal of light characteristics for sector
ENCWG1-6.6 7 March Artificial Structures
ENCWG1-6.7 7 March Additional S-58 Validation Checks
ENCWG1-6.8 9 March Buildings Above Water Encoding

General Topics

ENCWG1-7.1A 29 Jan Input into the next IHO Strategic Plan
ENCWG1-7.2A 29 Jan HSSC Work Programme
ENCWG1-7.3A 7 March Outcomes from NCSR 3
    ECDIS Check Datasets (.ppt)

Information Papers and placeholder items

Place holder item 4 March 15 ECDIS - Colour Interpretation

ENCWG1 Meeting - IC-ENC Overlapping data
WENDWG6-04.1A2 Part A -  Report on scenarios and test cases on ECDIS
WENDWG6-04.1A2 Part B - Full results from IC-ENC Investigation on overlapping data scenarios on ECDIS