IHO Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures Working Group (MSDIWG)

7th MSDIWG Meeting 27-29 January 2016
MSDI Demonstration Day, 25 January 2016
MSDI Open Forum, 26 January 2016

(Tokyo, Japan)


Last update: 21 mars 2016

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes of MSDIWG7] [List of Actions PDF Word] [Group Photo]
  Logistical Information (MSDIWG CL 02/2015)
  Registration Form (.docx)

MSDI Demonstration Day and Open Forum Programmes and Presentations

MSDIWG7-1.1A List of Documents (this document)
MSDIWG7-1.1B rev4 List of Participants (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.1C List of MSDIWG Members (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.1D List of MSDIWG Members by RHC (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.2 rev 3 Agenda (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.3 Terms of Reference (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4 Work Plan 2015-2020 (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4.1 Action Items MSDIWG 6 (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4.2A IRCC7 MSDIWG report (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4.2A1 IRCC7 MSDIWG-Report-Annex D-Syllabus (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4.2B IRCC7 Report (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4.2C IRCC7 Action list (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4.2D IRCC7 List of Decisions (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4.2E HSSC7 IRCC Activities (including MSDI) affecting HSSC (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.4.2F HSSC7 outcomes affecting MSDIWG (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.6A National Report (Brazil)
MSDIWG7-1.6B National Report (France)
MSDIWG7-1.6C National Report (Spain)
MSDIWG7-1.7.1A Report BS-NSMSDIWG to BSHC (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.7.1B BS-NSMSDIWG Work Program 2015 (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.7.1C BS-NSMSDIWG Action list 2015 (Chair)
MSDIWG7-1.7.2A MACHC MEIPWG Meeting (Secretary)
MSDIWG7-1.7.3 MSDI and EMODnet Human Activity Theme (IENWG)
MSDIWG7-1.8A MSDI Comparative Study (Canada) PPT
MSDIWG7-1.8B MSDI Comparative Study Responses (Canada)
MSDIWG7-1.8C MSDI Comparative Study Questionnaire (Canada)
MSDIWG7-2.5A2 Establishing a Danish MSDI (Vice-Chair)
MSDIWG7-2.5A3 MSP in the Baltic (Chair)
MSDIWG7-2.7A A candidate standard for coordinate system (OGC)
MSDIWG7-2.7B The need for coordinate systems in S-100 (IHB)
MSDIWG7-2.7C Global Coordinate System Poster (OGC)
MSDIWG7-2.7D Common Operating Picture Architecture (OGC)
MSDIWG7-2.7E UN-GGIM Core Standards (OGC)
Group 1 Revision of C-17 (File1 - File2)
Group 2 MSDI Case Studies (File1)
Group 3 MSDI Data Sets (File1 - File2 - File3 - File4)
Group 4 Key Messages (File1)