Nautical Information Provision Working Group (NIPWG)

  5 - 9 December 2016 (Busan, Republic of Korea)

Last update: 18 January 2017

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16 Aug 2016


26 August 2016 

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List of Documents (this html page)
NIPWG3-01B 7 Dec 2016
List of Participants
NIPWG3-02 Rev4 29 Nov 2016 Agenda ( .doc , .pdf )
Provisional Annotated Agenda ( .doc )
NIPWG3-03 3 May 2016
Minutes of NIPWG-2 ( .doc , .pdf )
Status of Work
NIPWG3-05.1 25 Nov 2016 Information of HSSC-8 affecting NIPWG
NIPWG3-05.2 16 Oct 2016 Report on S-100 WG activities

NIPWG3-06.3 16 Oct 2016 Report on NIPWG’s S-100 extension proposals

NIPWG3-07.1 7 Dec 2016 Development of a S-100 Product Specification for Navigational Warnings (S-124)
NIPWG3-09.1 7 Dec 2016 Digital Application of “The Norwegian Pilot”
NIPWG3-13.1 29 Sep 2016 Revision of M-3 (Resolutions of the IHO) nautical publication sections

NIPWG3-20.3 14 Nov 2016 Portrayal of the MPA feature
NIPWG3-20.4 9 Nov 2016 Status of the S-122 Data Classification and Encoding Guide (DCEG) and Draft Appendix A (MPA DCEG version 0.7.3 Sep. 2016)
NIPWG3-21.1 25 Nov 2016 Activities of KHOA on creation of S-10X test data sets and S-100 sea trial
NIPWG3-22.1 22 Nov 2016 Status of S-126 Product Specification for Physical Environment

NIPWG3-24.1 3 Nov 2016 Preliminary Mapping and Geometries for the Traffic Management Test Data Set (S-127)
- proposal
- Annex A and Annex B

NIPWG3-26.1 9 Nov 2016 S-123 - ProdSpec Radio Services - Sample data sets ( .doc.pdf )

NIPWG3-28.1 18 Nov 2016 Current work status of S-125 Navigational Services
and Annex A: S-125 draft model
NIPWG3-28.2 14 Nov 2016
Interoperability and Unique Identifier use for S-125 purpose
NIPWG3-29.1 29 Nov 2016 Results of designing Application Schema for S-128 Catalogue of Nautical products
NIPWG3-30.1 16 Aug 2016  Data Quality – Fuzzy Areas – Proposed Types

NIPWG3-33.1 27 Sep 2016 Polar Regions Ice Information Sources (and Annex A, Annex B )

NIPWG3-35.1 25 Nov 2016 HSSC decision on ProdSpec Regulatory Information provision

NIPWG3-37.1 5 Oct 2016 Context of the S-1xx NPUB ProdSpec use

NIPWG3-39.1 7 Dec 2016 Visualization of Nautical Information (VONI) Workshop 2017
Brief Template for the Visualization of Nautical Information Rev1 ( .doc )

NIPWG3-45.1 25 Nov 2016 Report from IALA ENAV19
NIPWG3-45.2A 29 Nov 2016 Draft IALA Guidelines on Maritime Service Portfolios ( .doc )
NIPWG3-45.2B 29 Nov 2016 Status of work on the Maritime Service Portfolios (MSPs)
NIPWG3-45.3 Rev1 (former NIPWG3-43.2)
25 Nov 2016 IALA/IHO Interaction on the IMO’s Maritime Service Portfolio Program
NIPWG3-45.4A 29 Nov 2016 Status of the IMO Draft Guidelines for the harmonized display of navigation information received via communications equipment
NIPWG3-45.4B Rev1
6 Dec 2016 Draft submission to NCSR4 on the development of Guidelines for the harmonized display of navigation information
received via communications equipment ( .doc )
NIPWG3-47.1 27 Sep 2016 NIPWG Development of Text Box for Submarine Cables (and Annex A, Annex B)

NIPWG3-48.1 3 Nov 2016 Shore-based Under Keel Clearance Management Systems and Nautical Publications
NIPWG3-49.1 25 Nov 2016 E-navigation: Introduction of SMART Navigation Project
NIPWG3-49.3 8 Dec 2016 Future Concept of Special Overlay for Navigation Information
NIPWG3-50 3 May 2016
Current NIPWG Terms of Reference

NIPWG Work Plan 2017-18 ( .doc , .pdf )
Status of HSSC8 Actions assigned to NIPWG ( .doc )