3rd S-100 Working Group (S-100WG) Meeting

Singapore (10 - 13 April 2018)

Last update: November 28, 2018

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Letter 1/2017  

Logistics Information - MPA Registration Form
(and Online Registration Site)
Please email your intention to attend the meeting before 28 February 2018 to:
the S-100WG Chair: Julia Powell (julia.powell@noaa.gov) and acting Secretary: Anthony Pharaoh addt@iho.int

1. Opening and Administrative Arrangements

Letter 1/2018   S-100WG - Nominations for office bearers
    Template for the submission of proposals
  5 April Meeting Admin Programme rev 1
S-100WG3-1.1   List of Documents (this index)
S-100WG3-1.2   List of Meeting Participants
S-100WG3-1.3 8 Feb Proposed Revised ToRs  (clean version)
S-100WG3-1.4   S-100WG - Work Plan and Future Meetings  [Presentation]
S-100WG3-1.5   S-100 Report to HSSC10

2. Approval of the Agenda

S-100WG3-2.1 5 Apr Agenda (rev 15)

3. Matters Arrising and HSSC Working Group Reports

S-100WG3-3.1 8 Feb S-100WG2 Minutes
S-100WG3-3.2 8 Feb S-100WG2 Actions
S-100WG3-3.3 8 Feb HSSC9 Minutes
S-100WG3-3.4 8 Feb HSSC9 Actions
S-100WG3-3.5   ENCWG Report
S-100WG3-3.6   NCWG Report  [Presentation]
S-100WG3-3.7 22 Mar Information on NIPWG Activities
S-100WG3-3.8   DQWG Report
S-100WG3-3.9 28 Mar WWNWS-SC / S-124CG Report   [Presentation]

4. S-100 Edition 4.0.0 Proposals

S-100WG3-4.1 8 Feb Feature Catalogue Alignment to Spatial Model (arcByCenterPoint and circleByCenterPoint)
S-100WG3-4.2 8 Feb Metadata Proposals (.zip file)  [Presentation]
S-100WG3-4.2.1 28 Mar  - Metadata and ISO 19115  [Presentation]
S-100WG3-4.2.2 28 Mar  - Add number to S100_ProductSpecification
S-100WG3-4.2.3 28 Mar  - Corrections for S100 Support File Discovery Metadata
S-100WG3-4.2.4 28 Mar  - Metadata and Interoperability
S-100WG3-4.2.5 28 Mar  - Remove "Other" from S100 Data Format
S-100WG3-4.2.6 28 Mar  - Exchange sets and discovery metadata - paper
S-100WG3- 28 Mar      - Exchange sets and discovery metadata - change proposal
S-100WG3- 28 Mar      - Exchange sets and discovery metadata - Appendix 1
Marked-up S-100 documents: (Part 4a markup), (Part 10a ISO-IEC 8211 Encoding) and (Part 11d Appendix C Product Specification Template)
S-100WG3-4.3 8 Feb bSpline  (.zip file)  [Presentation]
S-100WG3-4.4 8 Feb GML Clarifications  [Presentation]
S-100WG3-4.5.1 28 Feb Portrayal Proposals LUA 
S-100WG3-4.5.2 8 Feb Scripting Language Extension (.docx)
S-100WG3-4.6   Data Protection (see paper S-100WG3-7.5)
S-100WG3-4.7 8 Feb Online Communication Extension (Services) (files below as .zip file)
S-100WG3-4.7.1 28 Mar   - Liasion note on S-100 on-line data exchange
S-100WG3-4.7.2 28 Mar   - Change_Proposal_S-100
S-100WG3-4.7.3 28 Mar   - Proposed Extension_to S-100 for Online Data Exchange
S-100WG3-4.8 28 Feb Correction for Part 5 Feature Use Type
S-100WG3-4.9 22 Mar Time Reference in S-100
S-100WG3-4.10 5 Apr HDF5 Encoding (Ed 4 - Part 10c) rev 1    |   (.docx) rev 1
S-100WG3-4.11 10 Mar Registry Proposal for Part 2 and Redline version (.doc format)

5. S-100 Interoperability

S-100WG3-5.1 28 Mar S-98 Interoperability Specification for S-100 Prod Specs
S-100WG3-5.2 9 Mar Report on S-100 Interoperability Workshop
S-100WG3-5.3.1 28 Mar Guidance for PS Developers Part A - Content
S-100WG3-5.3.2 28 Mar Guidance for PS Developers Part B - Execution
S-100WG3-5.4 3 Apr Comments on Interoperability Specification - France [Presentation]
6. General Topics
S-100WG3-6.1   S-100 Test Bed Framework
S-100WG3 6.2.1 28 Mar  - Summary of Activities in the IHO GI Registry (rev 1) [Presentation]
S-100WG3 6.2.2 28 Mar  - Proposed Structure of the IHO GI Registry (rev 1)
S-100WG3 6.2.3 12 Mar  - Registry Proposal Guidelines
S-100WG3 6.2.4 28 Mar  - Review of IHO GI Registry Content (rev 1)
S-100WG3 6.2.5 12 Mar  - Register Item Review (.xls)
S-100WG3-6.3   S-100 Product Specification Guidebook
S-100WG3-6.4 12 Mar Producer Codes and Naming Convention
S-100WG3-6.5 12 Mar S-101 Support file management
S-100WG3-6.6 12 Mar Validation Checks for S-101
S-100WG3-6.7.1 9 Mar  - Progress report S-100_GI Registry Edition 3.0
S-100WG3-6.7.2 9 Mar  - Progress report - Feature Catalogue Builder
S-100WG3-6.7.3 14 Mar  - Progress report - Portrayal Catalogue Builder
S-100WG3-6.7.4 9 Mar  - Progress Report - DCEG Builder (rev 1)
S-100WG3-6.8 22 Mar Harmonization Issues on S-10X SVG Symbols
S-100WG3-6.9.1 27 Mar DQWG Letter 2/2018 - Methodology for the display of quality information
[DQWG Comment Form]
S-100WG3-6.9.2 27 Mar DQWG14-08A - Methodology for the display of quality information
S-100WG3-6.10 3 Apr Creation of S-101 Datasets and Lessons Learned  [Presentation]

7. S- 100 Project Team Reports and Proposals

S-100WG3-7.1   S-102 Report
S-100WG3-7.1.1 19 Mar  - S-102 GDAL + Compliance Considerations
S-100WG3-7.2 5 Apr S-121 Report
S-100WG3-7.3 4 Apr S-129 Update
S-100WG3-7.4   S-101 - Way forward (no paper)
S-100WG3-7.5 5 Apr S-100 Data Protection and Authentication (S-63)

8. S-100 Testbed Reports

S-100WG3-8.1 20 Mar Report of 2017 KHOA S-100 Sea Trial
S-100WG3-8.1.1 22 Mar KHOA S-100 Testbed Project  [Presentation]
S-100WG3-8.2   Report on improvement of S-100 viewer
S-100WG3-8.3 9 Mar Progress report - S-100 Exchange Catalogue Editor [Presentation]
S-100WG3-8.4 22 Mar Demo of No-go area with S-102 and S-104 Data Sets  [Presentation]
S-100WG3-8.5 15 Mar SPAWAR S-100 Test Bed Report  -  [Presentation]

9. External Liaison Reports

S-100WG3-9.1   ISO Reoprt
S-100WG3-9.2   OGC Report
S-100WG3-9.3.1 26 Mar IEC - Cyber Security and Authentication Issues
S-100WG3-9.3.2 26 Mar IEC - Information about S 421 Route Plan Exchange
S-100WG3-9.3.3 26 Mar IEC - Preconditions of IEC to consider inclusion of S 100 into ECDIS standard
S-100WG3-9.4   IEHC Report

10. Any Other Business

S-100WG3-10.1 4 Apr Proposal for G Series Documents