IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application
 Development Working Group (TSMADWG)

TSMAD 23 Meeting
 16 - 20 January 2012 (Wellington, New Zealand) 

Last update: avril 04, 2012

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Logistics Information for the Meeting

TSMAD23-1A List of Documents
TSMAD23-1B Provisional List of Participants
TSMAD23-2 Agenda (Rev 5)
TSMAD23-3 Minutes of the 22nd TSMAD & 3rd DIPWG Meeting, 11-15 April 2011, Seoul, South Korea
TSMAD23-4.1.1 Development of S-64
TSMAD23-4.2.5 Report on CSPCWG Activities Since TSMAD22/DIPWG3 New
TSMAD23-4.3.5A S-100 Maintenance Proposal
TSMAD23-4.3.6 S-100 Metadata harmonization for S-100 Rev 1
S-100 XML Encoding
ZIP file containing the following supporting documents (testdatasetroute.xml, S-100 XML Schema.xsd, RouteAppSchema.xsd, HSSC3-INF9, e-NAV10-INF7)
TSMAD23-4.5.1 S-101 Project Plan, Progress, and Gap Analysis
TSMAD23-4.5.1A S-101 Draft ENC Product Specification
TSMAD23-4.5.2 Use of M_CSCL in S-101
TSMAD23-4.5.3 S-101 Data Loading and Unloading
TSMAD23-4.5.4 Update Information in S-101
TSMAD23-4.5.5 Exchange Set Discussion
TSMAD23-4.5.6 S-101 Support Files
TSMAD23-4.5.7 Metadata - down the rabbit hole
TSMAD23-4.5.8 S-101 Outstanding Actions/Issues (Rev 1)
TSMAD23-4.5.9 Bridges in S-101
TSMAD23-4.5.10 Text Placement in S-101
TSMAD23-4.5.11 S-101 Scale Independent and Dependent data - Impact Review
TSMAD23-4.5.12 S-101 Impact Study
TSMAD23 4.5.13 S-101 Data Quality
TSMAD23 4.5.13A Annex A Draft of S-101 Chapter 6 Data Quality
TSMAD23 4.5.13B Annex B - Proposal for Data Quality additions to the Hydro Register
TSMAD23-4.5.15 S-101 DRAFT Implementation and Transition Plan
Proposed Re-structure of S-58
See also paper submitted to HSSC3 (Review of S-58 Recommended ENC Validation Checks)
TSMAD23-4.8.1 Production and Validation Solutions for Improving ENC Consistency
TSMAD23-4.8.2 Reducing Data Volumes (Text and Picture  files)
TSMAD23-4.9.1 Encoding Bulletins
TSMAD23-5.1.1 S-100 Route Exchange Specification
TSMAD23-5.1.1A ZIP File containing the following files; Route Information Portrayal Catalogue.doc, S-100 Route Data Specification.doc, testdatasetroute.xml, RouteAppSchema.xsd, S-100 XML Schema.xsd, RouteFeatureCatalogue.xml
TSMAD23-5.1.2 Adding QUASOU = 8 to DRGARE
TSMAD23-5.1.3 Encoding of Mangrove Coast and Mangrove Areas on ENC New
S-100 Route Exchange Specification  (New)
Waypoint exchange specification  (New)
Vessel Waypoint Exchange - xsd  (New)
TSMAD23-INF1A Comments on display scales for the working party at TSMAD 23 meeting  (New)
TSMAD23 INF1B Descriptions for CATZOC for less reliable depths affected by tsunami
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  S-58 Rewording
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