North Sea Hydrographic Commission (NSHC)

32nd Meeting 
Dublin, Ireland (21 - 23 June 2016)

Last update: 14 August 2018

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Document Title

NSHC32-CL01/2016 Meeting Dates and Initial Invitation


Procedure for NSHC to designate representatives to IHO Council
NSHC32-CL03/2016 Way forward for the conclusions of the NSHC
NSHC32-Joining Form NSHC32 Joining Form (Word version)
NSHC32-List Participants List of Participants-v3.0
NSHC32-A2 Draft agenda and Timetable-v4.0
NSHC32-A3 NSHC31 Minutes
NSHC32-A4.1 Selection IHO council
NSHC32-A5.1 Conclusions Proposed way ahead
NSHC32-B1.1 IHB Report
NSHC32-B1.1a IHB Report Presentation
NSHC32-B2.1 IRCC 7 and 8
NSHC32-B3.1 WENDWG Report
NSHC32-B3.1a WENDWG Presentation
NSHC32-B5.1 Report from the Tidal WG
NSHC32-B5.1a Minutes 20th NSHC TWG Meeting
NSHC32-B5.1b Minutes 21st NSHC TWG Meeting
NSHC32-B5.1c TWG Presentation
NSHC32-B5.2 TOSCA Project Highlights-FR
NSHC32-B5.2a TOSCA Project-FR
NSHC32-C1.1 Litto3D
NSHC32-C1.1a SHOM coastal-survey
NSHC32-C1.2 Costal Mapping EMODnet
NSHC32-C2.1 North Sea Bathymetry Database-DE
NSHC32-C3.1a GEBCO Presentation
NSHC32-C4.1 Fugro
NSHC32-C5.1 Shallow water surveying-SE
NSHC32-C5.1a Shallow water surveying presentation
NSHC32-C6.1 SDB Template-FR
NSHC32-C8.1 Southern Sunnmoere projects
NSHC32-C8.1a Southern Sunnmoere projects Presentation
NSHC32-D1 RWG Report
NSHC32-D1.1 Report Resurvey Working Group Presentation
NSHC32-D1.1a Report Resurvey Working Group-Annex A Risk Assessment
NSHC32-D1.1b Report Resurvey Working Group-Annex B DSS Agreement
NSHC32-D2.1 Resurvey and risk assessment Presentation-Deltares
NSHC32-D2.1a Morphological prediction zoomed 2010-2300
NSHC32-D3.1 CHP Survey Planning in UK waters
NSHC32-E1.1 MSDI report-DK
NSHC32-E1.1a BS-NS MSDIWG Presentation
NSHC32-E1.2 Terms of Reference BSNSMSDIWG 2015
NSHC32-E2.1 Cross border MSP for the EEZ-DE
NSHC32-E2.1a Cross-Border MSP in the Baltic Sea Presentation
NSHC32-E2.2 Interreg NorthSEE
NSHC32-E4.1 Implementation of INSPIRE
NSHC32-E5.1 Geonorge
NSHC32-F1.1a NSEHWG Report
NSHC32-F1.1b ICCWG Report
NSHC32-F1.1c ICCWG Presentation
NSHC32-G1.1 Open Geospatial Consortium Presentation
NSHC32-G2.1 S-102 project
NSHC32-G2.1a PRIMAR S-102 Project Presentation
NSHC32-G2.1b  PRIMAR S-102 demo
NSHC32-G3.1 CARIS S-100
NSHC32-G4.1 New survey platform
NSHC32-G4.1.a New survey platform Presentation
NSHC32-G5.1a Generalization policy Discussion paper for Area D members
NSHC32-G5.1b New Generalization Policy Presentation
NSHC32-G6.1 FAMOS status report-SE
NSHC32-G6.1a FAMOS Presentation
NSHC32-G7.1 Advances Hydrographic Data Processing-Qimera
NSHC32-G8.1a WCI by MBES for improved object detection-KM
NSHC32-G8.1b WCI by MBES for improved object detection-KM
NSHC32-G9.1 Increase Bathymetric Contour Lines-SevenCs
NSHC32-H1.1 NSHC in the IHR