IHO Colours and Symbols Maintenance Working Group (CSMWG)

16 th CSMWG Meeting
Rostock, Germany,  2-4 May 2005

Last update: June 02, 2008

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Document No

Document Title

CSMWG16-1A rev.6 List of Documents
CSMWG16-1B rev.4 List of Participants
CSMWG16-1C rev.2 Membership and Contacts
CSMWG16-1D rev.1 Logistics 
CSMWG16-2A rev.5 Agenda
CSMWG16-3A Minutes of the 15th CSMWG Meeting, Rostock, Germany, 2005
CSMWG16-5A Section 5.2 (CSMWG) of Minutes of the 17th CHRIS Meeting
CSMWG16-5.1A rev.1 Status Report S-57 Edition 3.1.1 enhancements
CSMWG16-5.2A BSH-Report on testing of the S57 Ed.3.1.1 Data-Set on four type-approved ECDIS-Systems
CSMWG16-5.2B Report on NOAA (USM) testing of visualisation of S-57 Edition 3.1.1 data using the S-52 Presentation Library Editions 3.2 and 3.3 alternatively
CSMWG16-5.2C  Examples of ECDIS running Presentation Library ed3.2 vs ed3.3
CSMWG16-5.2D ENC Pilot work – ASL Objects on ECDIS display (Version 2)
CSMWG16-5.2E Report by IC-ENC on S-57 E3.1.1 tests conducted with various ECDIS
CSMWG16-5.2F rev.1 (PPT, 1.5 Mb) Unknown Object Portrayal
CSMWG16-5.3A Proposed symbolisation for new S-57 3.1.1 objects/attributes
CSMWG16-5.3B Symbology for GENOBJ of S-57 3.1.1
CSMWG16-6.3A Generation of the Safety Contour
CSMWG16-6.4A rev.1 Proposed wording for the CSMWG IHO website
CSMWG16-6.4B Draft S-52 Maintenance Document No 5
CSMWG16-6.5A Revision of S-64 test data sets - Explanatory Note
CSMWG16-6.5B rev.1 (ZIP, 15.5 Mb) Revision of S-64 test data sets – SVG tools and test example
CSMWG16-6.6A Issue with directional lights on ECDIS display
CSMWG16-6.6B Directional Lights: Tests results from BSH
CSMWG16-6.6C Report by SHOM on the ECDIS display of Directional lights
CSMWG16-6.8A Symbology for tide ways
CSMWG16-6.10A Issues with S-57 Group 1 objects and the use of attributes PEREND and PERSTA
CSMWG16-6.10B Display of Group 1 objects
CSMWG16-6.11A Use of FOULGND1 for WRECKS of CATWRK 3
CSMWG16-6.13A Revised CSPs to visualize Soundings over dangers – explanatory note
CSMWG16-6.13B Proposal for revision of Conditional Symbology Procedure VALSND01
CSMWG16-6.13C Proposal for a new Conditional Symbology Procedure VALSND01
CSMWG16-6.13D Changes to IHO Chart Specifications for Wrecks
CSMWG16-6.14A Proposal to change display priority of UNSARE
CSMWG16-7A (PPT, 1.5 Mb) IHO Portrayal Registry
CSMWG16-8.3A Portrayal of synchronized and/or sequential lights on ECDIS
CSMWG16-8.4A Portrayal of DGPS Transmitters on ECDIS
CSMWG16-8.5A CSMWG-reply to CSPCWG Letter 15-2005
CSMWG16-8.5B CSMWG-reply to CSPCWG Letter 02-2006
CSMWG16-8.6A Section 5.4 (SNPWG) of Minutes of the 17th CHRIS Meeting
CSMWG16-8.7A ECDIS Stakeholders Forum, Rostock , Germany, 6-7 Sept. 05, Report by Cor Mallie, Chartworx Holland BV
CSMWG16-9.1A Reorganisation of CHRIS as HSSC
CSMWG16-9.2A Contribution to IHO work program 2008 – 2012; Explanatory Note
CSMWG16-9.2B IHO work program 2003 – 2007
CSMWG16-9.3A Amendments to ECDIS Performance Standards - Report of the Correspondence Group
CSMWG16-9.3B Draft revised ECDIS Performance Standards
CSMWG16-9.3C Summary and explanations of amendments proposed to the ECDIS Performance Standards
CSMWG16-INF01 Mini ECDIS for Fishermen
CSMWG16-INF02 (PPT, 2 Mb) Use of SCAMIN for DNC in order to produce one-feature-one-time DNC: Geosectionning DNC Data, Prototype and Development Project, Phase V