(In conjunction with the 20th CHRIS Meeting)
Niteroi , RJ, Brazil , 5-6 November 2008

A seminar on ENC-ECDIS, organized by the IHB and sponsored by the IHO Capacity Building Committee (CBC), took place on 5th and 6th November 2008 at the Diretoria de Hidrografia e Navegação (DHN) of Brazil in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, in conjunction with the 20th meeting of the IHO CHRIS Committee.  Both meetings were held at the DHN Headquarters. 

The Seminar was chaired by Capt Robert WARD, IHB Director. The Seminar provided an opportunity for representatives of South and Central American HOs to be informed of recent ENC developments, in particular regarding standards, production, coverage and distribution. 

The following presentations (PPT) were given at the Seminar:

  1. Seminar Programme Master, by Robert Ward, IHB
  2. Overview of IHO Standards & Specifications Organisation (8Mb), by Michel Huet, IHB 
  3. IMO Regulations and Associated Standards, by Robert Ward, IHB
  4. S-100 / S-101: Progress update and impact on HOs (2 Mb), by Barrie Greenslade, UKHO
  5. Roles and Functions of the IHO (3 Mb), by Robert Ward, IHB
  6. ENC Coverage and Availability, by Robert Ward, IHB
  7. ENC Schemes, for Regions B, C1 and C2: Gaps, coordination plan and issues, by Sebastião Simões de Oliveira, DHN, Brazil
  8. Presentation on IHO WEND Principles, by Abri Kampfer, South African HO
  9. ENC Production Options, by Robert Ward, IHB
  10. ENC Production: Desktop and Database Solutions, by Andrew Hoggarth, CARIS
  11. The Hydrographic Approach (14 Mb), by Rafael Ponce, ESRI
  12. SHOM experience of ENC production, by Jean-Luc Déniel, SHOM, France
  13. The Passage to ENCs, by Jeff Wootton (2.6 Mb), AHS, Australia
  14. Impact of ENC Production on Brazilian DHN, by Flávia Mandarino, DHN, Brazil
  15. Helping Chart Your World: IIC and the Data Value Chain, by John Conyon, IIC
  16. ENC Production: Option and outlook (4.5 Mb), by Michael Bergmann, Jeppesen
  17. ENC Capacity Building (2 Mb), by Vaughan Nail, UKHO
  18. ENCs - Stakeholder Feedback, by Robert Ward, IHB
  19. PRIMAR RENC Model (3.7 Mb), by Odd Breivik, NHS, Norway
  20. RENC Models: Functions, Roles, Issues, by Vaughan Nail, UKHO
  21. The View of the VARs: Licensing, Pricing, SENC Distribution and other issues (3.4 Mb), by Michael Bergmann, Jeppesen
  22. S-63 Data Protection, by Peter Jones, UKHO
  23. ENC Consistency (3.7 Mb), by Robert Ward, IHB
  24. ENC Updating: Status and Issues, by Vaughan Nail, UKHO
  25. Developments and Impact of Digital Nautical Publications on Hydrographic Offices (2 Mb), by David Acland, UKHO
  26. Development and Impact of Inland ENCs/ECDIS on Hydrographic Offices, by Denise LaDue, USACE, USA
  27. e-Navigation, ECDIS and MIOS: At Present and in the Future (20 Mb), by Lee Alexander, UNH, USA